During the Covid 19 confinement, I spent my short daily walkings to complete my collection, started shortly before, of the 1 to 100 most beautiful facade numbers spotted in my neighborhood, Ixelles (Brussels, Belgium), to show its beauty and its diversity.
Each house entrance is a portrait of the people who live behind it.
The choice of font, color, material, size, ... and, of course, the background: each detail tells a story.
Painted, colored, drawn, stenciled, taped, tagged, chalked, childish, obsolete, tinkered, rigid, design, framed, imprisoned, tiled, in mosaic, tubular, enameled, shaded, in-lighted, illuminated, erased numbers.
Let yourself be inspired by the poetry of professional or improvised typography, look for the smallest graffiti, the tiniest cracks, the hidden messages, the materials, the work of the craftsman.

Download the app for free here and discover the numbers by yourself!

No exhibitions yet. Work in progress.
Pierre's personnal collection of Ixelles house numbers.