The invention of smartphones has lead to a new form of communication that brings about an over-saturation of images that eventually lose meaning. This projects returns to a human level: raw portraits, shot on the spot without filters of people in their daily lives.
The encounter does not last more than two minutes: just a moment to get to know them and capture a piece of their existence. The spontaneity with which they pose without really presenting themselves with flattering self-consciousness is disconcerting.
Confronted with shyness, Pierre Marino-Smette must fight every encounter to get his way. At the sight of a coveted number, his heart beats faster…
We are not numbers but that does not prevent us from wearing them regularly. We proudly display them. Marketing gurus understand that.
Nonetheless, there is often neither message nor aesthetic concern. Models often admit not to be aware that they wear a number, let alone what that number is.
The numbers, however, may hold hidden significance. Besides the “obvious” 13 or 69, the 23, for example, is definitely related to Michael Jordan, while others may relate to a famous athlete or point to a specific tribe or network.
Childhood memories, Panini stickers, the joy of finding a missing card in the pocket, are analogue to his methodology.
Today, he has reached his goal, the only thing left is to prove it…
(text by Jean-Marc De Pelsemaeker)

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No exhibitions yet. Work in progress.
Pierre's personnal collection of numbers from 1 to 100.
Portraits of gentle anonymous people in the streets of Montreal and Brussels, from July 2015 till July 2018