The title of this project refers and pays tribute to Spike Lee’s commercials for Nike’s Air Jordan. Michael Jordan, absolute icon, plays his own role. It is also a tribute to the title Chief Rocka of the Lords of the Underground.
For this photographic project, I asked sneaker fans to pose with their favorite pair. The shooting was accompanied by a conversation to make them comfortable and to learn more about their love for these shoes.
At the end of the interview, I touched on the theme of fetishism. If the majority has never thought of it, they admit that their passion can sometimes seem out of the ordinary. And if we define fetishism as a cult of something, everyone recognizes it at least a little.
It’s this tiny border that I think exists between the collector and the fetishist that I decided to explore.
Each of us has a special relationship to sneakers, whether we are indifferent, fetishist, collector, sports(wo)man or fashion enthusiast.
An even more special practice in the midst of sneakerheads but not only, is the selfeet (self-portrait limited to the bottom of the pants and shoes). My job was to produce hybrids of selfeet. Looking closer, they are not self-portraits because we see the hands of the protagonists. I wanted this outside look to show everyone’s personality.
We can perceive several levels of reading: a collector will probably notice a model he does not have, a fetishist will be troubled by the model in question and some will see just a pair of sports shoes…

exhibited at La Médiatine, Brussels, Belgium, March 28 > June 2, 2015
exhibited at Galerie LSB, Montreal, Canada, Augut 6 > September 30, 2015
exhibited at Crédit municipal de la ville de Paris, Paris, France, October 29, 2015 > January 13, 2016

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